What does Cartoonwatchindia.com offer?

Cartoonwatchindia.com updates and gives publicity rights of varieties of cartoons to individuals, newspapers, newsletters, websites and other organizations. It also offers subscription to them for its magazine.

Can I use the low-resolution cartoons for my book?

No, the low-resolution cartoon has the owner's watermark on it. For use in your book or newspaper you have to pay $ 10 for publishing rights per cartoon. In that case you get an excellent quality, high-resolution cartoon.

How can I place my order/ make the payment?

To place your order/make the payment, you can use the payment options provided in the Payment option section of this website.You can also pay through demand draft/cheque and fill accordingly.

How do I feel sure that you have correctly registered the order placed?

After you have placed the order / submitted the form, you will get message confirming each order with a sales id. Please check your e-mail and if you want any correction, you are requested to get in touch with us.

Can I phone or fax my order?

No, orders are accepted only online after securing your payment from draft/cheque information submitted by you. But you can contact by phone or fax.

Are the cartoons delivered as per the display on web page?

When you are paying for the licensing right of a cartoon you will get a high-resolution cartoon wherein the picture quality is better than the viewed image on the site. There will be no watermark on it.

I have a newspaper/news letter. I want to use the cartoon of a selected category for one year. I want a halfyearly/yearly subscription. How can I get them through e-mail?

For a long-term subscription and to get the publishing rights of the cartoon you will have to contact us. We have also special benefit / discounts for a long-term client like you.

I have a website. I want to publish the cartoons of a selected category on my website. How can I get them?

Pay $10 for publishing right of the cartoon. You will get the desired cartoon in high-resolution. For more cartoons you may contact us.

Can I get a cartoon / caricature, which is not included in your selected categories ?

Yes, you can get your demanded cartoon query page.

How much time do you take to deliver after the payment has been made?

We shall deliver your selected cartoon or subscribe for the magazine after securing your payment.

What is the mode of delivery?

Delivery of cartoons at the moment is made through e-mail or printed version as you opt for