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    Triambak Sharma (born 5 September 1970) is an Indian cartoonist. He founded in 1996 Cartoon Watch, India's only monthly cartoon magazine, which connects well known Indian cartoonists like Abid Surti, R.K.Laxman, Sudhir Tailang, Pran and many others. He established Cartoon Watch Animation Academy in 2009 at Raipur. He is also working on building the first cartoon museum of India in Raipur.

    Triambak Sharma observed that after the closure of famous Shankar's Weekly magazine no cartoon magazine survived lot. Thus he started the only monthly cartoon magazine of India named Cartoon Watch. After 12 years of publication, Triambak had a chance of organising a two-week-long cartoon exhibition at Nehru Center in London.He spent the period in various Art schools, cartoon museums utilising the opportunity to study the advanced techniques in cartooning. He also visited Bahrain and Nepal.

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