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Printed Monthly Magazine

You can get printed copy at your door step in india @ Rs. 300/ for a year . you can pay it now through Paytm on mobile number 9826153840 and whatsup your complete address on same number

To get printed copy in Abroad Email us to get your rates to- [email protected]
Its rate depend upon the distance and postal charges.

Language - Hindi, English

Printed Comics Available

1- Modi Ki Kahani- (Hindi)
2- Sirpur ki Sair - (Hindi)
3- Mini Mata - (Hindi)
4- Sunder Lal Sharma - (Hindi)
5- Rajmohni Devi - (Hindi)
6- Phool Kunwar Bai - (Hindi)
7- Tirange ki Gatha - (Hindi)
8- Rajim ki Kahani - (Hindi)
9- Sirpur ki Sair - (Halbi)
10- Sirpur ki Sair - (Gondi)

Depends on Availability

To get comics kindly email query to- [email protected]

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Toon shop subscription

Toon Shop is for cartoon services. It includes daily cartoon service for Hindi and English Cartoons for Newspapers and News Channels. We also do special caricature work for events and digital. Kindly contact thru Email on - [email protected]

Language - Hindi, English

Comics Making

Cartoon Watch is also known for making comics on legend persons, places and social issues. If you want to make comics on your work or organisation kindly contact thru email - [email protected]

Language - Hindi, English